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An unique portal to trade Software Codecs such as audio codecs, video codecs, image codecs, reference design or software IPs
Connects Buyers and Sellers to trade Multimedia Codecs, Wireless & Silicon IP & Reference Design
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What is IPsupermarket?

IPsupermarket.com is a pioneering effort and a convenient way to trade in Software Intellectual Properties (IPs). It is a unique portal in which sellers can list their new IPs such as software codecs, silicon IP, wireless IP or reference design, whereas buyers can access the variety of IPs, listed in IPsupermarket. IPsupermarket brings buyers and sellers together in one platform, which helps them to communicate directly.

IPsupermarket allows individuals, companies or business to buy/sell or license various kind of software codecs like audio codecs, video codecs, image codecs or speech codecs, embedded software frameworks, device drivers, silicon IP, wireless IP, reference designs and much more!

Are you a business organization or developer of any of the following soft IP or IP core?
  • Multimedia software codecs - media application encoders and decoders like speech, audio, video and imaging
  • Wireless & communication stack IP
  • Reference Designs
  • Silicon IPs
  • Any type of software component such as embedded software frameworks or device drivers.
As a developer or business organization of an intellectual properties (IPs), you could be potentially sitting on a veritable goldmine that you can capitalize on to earn an income. We help you to promote and market your IP which will increase the visiblity of your IPs. IPsupermarket.com also offers you a platform to showcase your IPs or products to a worldwide audience.  More on IP service» 

Are you a business organization or technical professional looking for any of the following soft IP or IP core?
  • Reusable software components
  • Reference Design
  • Silicon IP
  • Multimedia Codecs (audio, video, image or speech)
As a professional or business firm, if time, technology and resources are the constraints, to create a new design or software component in-house for your company, there could be an instant solution already available out there - all you have to do is go online and explore IPsupermarket.com. You will be pleasantly surprised to find a variety of useful and ready-to-use IPs for various applications.  More on IP service » 


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